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    NTSC DVD production from PAL media

    shooternz Level 6
      I have had issues producing DVD for the U.S in the past.

      In New Zealand we can play both PAL and NTSC on probably 99% of the DVD players in the country. Same in Australia I believe.

      Seems that the U.S has mostly NTSC only DVD players and it is difficult to find a PAL or dual standard player. (Is that correct?)

      Is there a better (simpler, faster, less steps) way for me to produce DVDs for the U.S (NTSC) than the way I am doing it.

      Edit in PAL project and out put movie.

      Import PAL Movie into a NTSC Project. Small scale adjustment usually required

      Export Movie (NTSC)

      Encode NTSC Movie to MPEG (I use Main Concept ENcoder - standalone version)

      Open mpeg in NTSC Encore Project and burn disks

      Note: I encode to mpeg outside Encore because Encore never seems to like encoding the avi (PAL or NTSC) in the NTSC Encore Project. It is fine with the mpegs