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    3:2 pull-down from 30 fps to 24 fps while capturing

      Urgent !!

      When opening a new NTSC premiere project, I can choose either 4/3 or 4/3(23,976 fps) which is supposed to do an automatic 3:2 pull-down removal in order to obtain a 23,9 fps progressive clip. This is very important because numerical work on progressive frames is much more precise and artefact-free than on interlaced ones (NTSC is interlaced).
      But when I choose this option, I can't drive my device anymore, and can't capture any frames (in this case I'm using a black magic SD pro card).

      So, this option doesn't work. What can I do, expect capturing my clip in regular 4/3 and transfering it to After effects(that I heard can actually do this pull-down process)?? This is much longer, I whant to make this pull-down removal while capturing !!!