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    Ripple Edit/Delete - Can you restrict to single tracks ?

      What am I missing about Ripple Edit/Delete ?

      I have video with soundtrack and one music track. I can ripple edit or ripple delete perfectly. The video and it's sound move up to fill the gap - perfect.

      If I add a second song to the music track then ripple edit is greyed out.

      If I put the second song on a third music track such that it matches up with the end of the first then ripple edits work but the third music track is then ripple edited in that the ammount of 'time' deleted from the video track is cut from the start of the third music track.

      If I leave a gap between the songs on a music track then the gap is reduced by the ripple edit.

      It would seem that a ripple edit/delete effects all tracks in the sequence rather than just the video/soundtrack one is working on. Is there a way to restrict the ripple to specific tracks ?