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    Need to render everytime I re-open project in PP3

    fredou_79 Level 1
      My problem:
      On a particular project, I need to re-render everything everytime I re-open project even after I have saved and closed project.

      I also experience SERIOUS ERROR crashes or simply PP3 freezes while trying to render whole timeline, I need to render in chunks.

      The project file is a single timeline 2:45 minutes long with only the clip on timeline in project; it's CFHD low res clips (not corrupted) and there's quite a lot of CF cross-fades in timeline (it's a trailer) with about 5-6 clip color corrected that need to be rendered.

      My specs are:
      PP3 + AspectHD v5.2 build 105
      dualmonitors with Ultramon 2.6
      AMD ATHLON x2 4600+
      4 GB SDRAM2 733 Mghz (dual channels)
      Sound Blaster X-FI
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          Hello Frederic,

          I am having the same issue. I am also using AspectHD v5.2. The timeline which I am having this issue has many effects and also has some imported Photoshop files. Another aspect of this is that when I try and play the timeline the play-head jumps to the end of the timeline. If I render the clip it plays fine. Except when I exit Premiere and then open it again the renders are lost and I'm back at square #1. I have been struggling with this since November and am not sure how to fix it. I know you were hoping for an answer (as am I) but thought I would just chime in to let you know someone else is also having this issue --- for what it's worth...
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            This is a known issue and is related to a clip somewhere in your timeline that has a reverse speed associated with it.

            Go search the forums for more insight.