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    Audio issues

      Whenever I open a project or start a new project that has any audio involved a get an error message

      Adobe Default Windows Sound Driver

      Device: SigmaTel High Definition Audio Codec
      Errorcode: FFA-8-000D [80070005]

      Playback failed.
      The audio system doesn't seem to respond
      Maybe card does not support full duplex mode

      There's a button for me to click OK but I'm not able to click it because as soon as I get this message Premier freezes up and then crashes.

      This error is brand new to me. I have used the program for 4 months now on this same computer with no issues. In fact I have existing Premier projects that I have always been able to playback but those won't work either.

      As far as I can tell I have no sound card issues, I can play audio online and in other programs with no trouble.

      I see there's audio settings in the Premier preferences and I tried changing some things there but nothing worked.
      The fact that this error code crashes the program everytime really concerns me most.

      Any ideas where to begin trouble shooting this?
      using: Windows Vista & Premier Pro CS3