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    How do I Extract Raw Clips of my captured HD footage?

      This is probably a newb question, but what I want to do simply is to get raw pieces in the original format of my captured HD footage. I shot with the Sony F900 in 1080 true 24p (not 23.97) and captured with the Sony JH-3 deck. I captured the footage uncompressed in true 24 using the AJA Xena LH in Quicktime and in 8-bit yuv with square pixels.

      My way of trying to extract the raw clips was to import the captured footage into CS3, edit out the clips that I wanted, and then try to export them as "movie." As I export them, I set the general format to Quicktime (not AJA Quicktime), and for "video" chose "uncompressed 8 bit yuv," and in the pixelation, chose square pixels. For the h/v ratio I chose 1920 x 1080 and for frame rate, true 24. However, when I start to save it and it starts to process, it will freeze a few seconds, and then I get an error message and CS3 automatically shuts down. I can avoid this if I choose either another h/v ratio, frame rate, a different form of pixelation (like DV/NTSC .9) or AJA Quicktime. But, of course, what I'm really hoping is to match my original footage.

      Any idea what I'm doing wrong or is this a software bug? Or is there a completely different way to get my raw clips?