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    Best option for Backup of HDV Files

      I'm just finishing a project and will be needing my harddrive space for the next one, and I'm wondering how best to store HDV footage NOT ON MY HARDDRIVE? (Not that I don't trust them, just don't like having all my eggs in one basket).

      There's not a good intuitive answer that I've found but I'm leaning on taking my 720p24p footage and going MPEG-2... and burning to Data DVD's and storing them away. However I am concerned if there is a significant loss of quality between it's current format (DVCPro 100) and the MPEG-2.

      If I need to retrieve the footage for later edits am I going to have issues?

      Any help or ideas would be appreciated. I have a combination of P2 and Onlocation captured files, and I'd like to cut out all the "Crap" and save just the takes needed...and have a back-up OFF of the hardddrive just in case.

      Thanks in advance.
      H.R. Crystal