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    Question to CINEFORM about Prospect and EX1.

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      We are purchasing an EX1 and we would like to use it with Prospect. We have the following questions:

      (01) Do we benefit of any price reductions if we upgrade from Aspect to Prospect HD?

      (02) Is Prospect HD the codec which is recommended for this camera?

      (03) Is there a trial version?

      (04) Do we use the Sony delivered clip visualizing software to pick the clips we want to convert, or does the conversion happen in another way?

      (05) How long does the conversion take, and how much space to it use? We assume the Cineform conversion created a second copy of the file in AVI.

      (06) Which versions of Premiere are compatible with Prospect? Do we need to upgrade?

      (07) Can we convert and work in 24P as the camera allows?

      (08) Can we export back to the camera codec?

      (09) Can we export to DVD, Blue Ray, and or HD DVD?

      (10) What hardware do we need to export from our computer to HD CAM?

      Thank you.