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    Making DVD from High Def video

      I've made a few commercial health dvds in the past. I need just a simple explanation. Currently I use "regular" camera video to make the dvds. If I buy a high def camera and make a dvd, 1-can I make current "plain" dvds from it? 2-can I only use it to make hd dvd or blue ray dvd? 3-can i use it to make a higher def "plain" dvd? 4-does it matter if I film with high def camera as to the type of dvd i make? By "plain", I am referring to the original dvds before the hd and blue ray began. As you probably can tell, I can operate the camera and put together the movie in premier pro, but I don't know a lot about my options once I begin filming in high def. Currently most of my customers do not have hd or blue ray dvds. Thanks for an answer of my options. A Ricks.
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          Steven L. Gotz Level 5
          I recommend that you edit in HDV, and then export to standard definition for DVDs. Then, when you are ready, you can make an HD version. Or, you can supply an HD version for people to play on their PC along with the regular DVD.
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            mickkeay Level 1
            Watch what camera you get too Alfred - research your end to end workflow. The consensus on this forum will be that tape based HDV is best, although you may need to capture the footage in something other than CS3 as there are sync probs. Alternatively, AVCHD will have you probably introducing a conversion step to HDV (there is a looong thread on this forum) Have fun - I am really enjoying HD