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    Sony HDR-SR5

      Ok, so another sony question, sorry. I Have a Sony HDR-SR5 and I just want to know how to edit my SD footage. I've spent countless hours of searching forums and can't get this to work.

      I import the files with sony's provided software and import to PP Cs3. All I get is the video and no audio. I have tried converting programs and still wont work. Can anyone please explain step for step how this can be done? From the settings in PP, to any kind of conversion that needs to be done or anything. Once I can get this to work, then I will move on to the whole AVCHD thing. But thats for another time. Please someone help. Thanks for any support.
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          Jim_Simon Level 9
          The short answer is that Premiere Pro is best used with DV media. For other media, there are consumer programs that will probably suit you better.
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            mickkeay Level 1
            And if you are getting it into CS3 without audio then you have probably downconverted to SD (mpg) with the sony bundled software - which defeats the object of buying an hd cam?

            Have a good look through the 'AVCHD and premiere pro cs3' topic. You need to convert to HDV if you want to use CS3. What programs have you tried and why did they not work?
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              Jim, What are some good consumer programs That I can use?

              MickKeay,I shot some footage at a wedding. I shot it in SD so I can edit, knowing that many problems occur using Avchd. So the footage is in .mpg Is there any way I can edit using PP. Does the .mpg file need to be converted to another format? and how? Or can I use another adobe program? maybe one for beginners?
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                I used this link: http://muvipix.com/free/previews.php?preview=movie_maker&width=100%&height=100%

                First I had tried just renaming the mpg into avi, and that worked displaying it on windows media player, but the sound went out of sync in Premiere whilst trying to edit.

                I converted the mpg file from a Sony camcorder into DV-AVI, imported it into Premiere and it worked.
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                  Jim_Simon Level 9
                  Premiere Elements is the consumer version and I believe will handle those MPEG files better than will Premiere Pro.
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                    So I think I was able to get My Sd footage to work. I used the suggestions from Hanneke Spijkers. This was able to work. I am able to edit in pro now. Once I get this current project done I will start to toy with the HD footage (not looking forward to those problems). Thanks for the help everyone.

                    By the way I tried Premiere elements 1.0. It was just not up to par.
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                      Jim_Simon Level 9
                      Neither is MPEG footage, so the two really were made for each other.
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                        Having the same problems, the only way i can play back sound from AVCDH files coverted to SD is in Premiere 6.5, so what is the point of purchasing CS3 when it doesn't do the job?
                        Adobe will not tell you about shorcomings in their sales blurb.
                        This is not the first time in my experience that has happened.
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                          Jim_Simon Level 9
                          With all due respect, anyone trying to edit should know a little something about video BEFORE one buys a camera and NLE - especially at these price levels. It would have taken very little research to come to the conclusion that AVCHD is not a good choice for editing. It's intended primarily to shoot and watch.
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                            Yes I agree, I am new to editing and film. Unfortunately for me, even tho I like my Sony and it takes great video, it was a gift. Not to sound ungrateful. It is a expensive gift with meaning behind it, but I wouldn't of chosen a camera that shoots in avchd. It is what it is tho. I do enjoy the fact that it is a HDD camera. No tapes to mess with, and I can playback footage with ease. thanks again for all the help.
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                              Jim_Simon Level 9
                              I understand the gift thing. My solution to that problem is that I have for a very long time let family and friends know that when it comes to technology, I am VERY particular. I don't put "DVD player", "video camera" or "HDTV" on my Christmas list. I put exact make and model for tech items on my lists.

                              People know to check with me before buying a tech gift. It helps avoid situations like this.

                              For example, a friend recently received an LCD HDTV for Christmas. I calibrated it for him. And while most people would be grateful for such a gift, the picture has it's issues. It wold have driven me mad to watch such a TV. I would have hated to return it and have hurt feelings, but I would have hated to watch it just as much if not more.
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                                mickkeay Level 1
                                >MickKeay,I shot some footage at a wedding. I shot it in SD so I can edit, knowing that many problems occur using Avchd

                                Hi Chris - as you have discovered, the problems with this mpg meant you might as well have shot in HD as you have had to convert anyway. See the avchd topic / elecard - and you will be up and running with the avchd (via HDV)
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                                  Have downloaded a trial version of Sony Vegas try that one, works well even on AVCHD in 5.1 sound
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                                    Hi Chris,

                                    Incidentaly, the download site is www.sonymediasoftware.com it's worth trying.