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    Issues with recently installed quicktime

      I will admit having the occassional crashing issue with premiere, but since in installed the newest version of quicktime (I believe it's 7.4) premiere holds out for about an HOUR maybe! if I'm lucky, usually if i attempt anything audio editing, it crashes and I'm back to square one.

      it seems to hold for exporting files (through the media encoder or to AVI) but the second one attempts to do any editing, extending or shortening clips, down it goes with that lovely "Premiere has experienced an unknown error and will attempt to save your project" (Which it doesn't).

      Given I'm working with a large project it is annoying for the 20 minute pause for it to re-load, only to have it go down a few minutes later.

      It doesn't matter the scene/sequence I'm editing.

      I do need quicktime for some of the projects I'm working on right now, but if it's the cause of this issue...I'm not sure sure it's viable.

      I've uninstalled it, and I'm going to give it a run for the night see if that helps, but if it doesn't, any ideas?

      Thanks in advance.
      H.R. Crystal