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    Importing MP4's - is there a preset or best practices?

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      I have some mp4 footage that I need to edit. (Yes, I know it's less than ideal editing quality, but I'm using the footage -- btw it's for the web)

      When I import it into Premiere it is not the usual avi size image. It's 320 x 240, so I have to transform it larger to fit the full screen: 720 x 480.

      The output will be mp4 or flv and it will be downsized back to 320 x 240 for output (as I said, it's for the web).

      Rather than having to transform the footage, and then downsize it once I get it ready for the web, is there a better way to import it into Premiere? So I won't have to go through the transforming (making it larger).

      In other words is there a Mp4 preset that is already 320 x 240?