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    Premiere Pro vs Final Cut / Avid Xpress Pro

      I struggled with Premiere 4 and got quite satisfied by version 6. I used it until recently, when I started working professionally with Premiere Pro. But I've never worked with Final Cut or Avid Xpress Pro.

      I've played a bit with Xpress, but got frustrated by the interface so I didn't finish anything. I quickly gave up on Xpress, but many editors praise it.

      I want to know why experienced editors turn to Avid? And what makes Final Cut so popular? What's the pros and what's the cons with these editors compared to Premiere Pro? Did any of you go to Premiere from FC or Avid?

      Tell me about speed! Are they quicker?
      Are the user interface in Final Cut very different from Premiere? More or less different than Xpress?

      Come on guys, which one is the best?
      I can only guess in a Premiere forum... ;-)
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          NLE are tools. They all have good points, and they all have bad points. In the hands of someone very capable, that tool can work wonders. In the hands of someone less skilled, that same tool can't do much at all.

          For me, PPro(and the rest of the Adobe suite) is my tool of choice. I can work better, faster, and more efficiently then I can with Avid or FCP. But that's partly because I've been using these tools for years and really know them, and that's partly because the workflow between them makes perfect sense to me.

          FCP is a great NLE. Apple has done an incredible job with it's latest Studio 2 release. And while I can get around it pretty well, it's not as comfortable to me as PPro and Production Premium. Avid is something I don't like to use, but I know it's got a lot of powerful features.

          So, you can't say with a definite answer, "This NLE is clearly better then this other one." Which ever one does what you need it to do, in a manner that allows you to work fast and to the best of your ability, is in fact the best NLE. For me, PPro is that NLE.
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            I started editing video back in 1998 on an $80,000.00 Avid Media Composer. Back then you needed the realtime hardware accelerator cards. Our Media Composer used a Targa 2000 capture card with Pinnacle Jeni board for the RT effects. It was great to see your effects in RT on the NTSC monitor. I built an editng system for home use in 1999 using a Miro/Pinnacle DC 10 plus card. It worked OK but was not anything like the Avid. Avid did have real good integration with the hardware. The Avid used its own GUI with no plugin GUI pallets like when you use Premiere with the Canopus Storm or the Matrox cards. I guess what I am tying to say is Avid was the Cadilac of NLE until about 2003. As of now anyone can get PP CS3 and a cheap $950.00 computer and apply effects and titles that can be seen on an NTSC monitor in RT for great previews. In the end you must still render the effects.
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              >Come on guys, which one is the best?

              Depends entirely on the context of the type of projects you work on and the environment in which you work on them.

              The type of projects; e.g. if your project is a TV show with a script you might find ScriptSync that Avid has to offer very important, media format; e.g. if you are working with uncompressed HD then Premiere has the best bang for your buck, the size of the team working on the project; e.g. one NLE might have better features to facilitate a multi-person workflow and one might be better suited to a "one-man-shop"; etc, etc...

              As far as a Production Suite goes, Adobe has hands-down the best solution.

              As far as UIs go, that is a training issue. You can learn to use any of the major NLE's UI. Then it becomes which one you like the most :)