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    Video Camera

      Hi all,

      I am about to purchase a video camera for my company and I wondered if anyone had any recommendations, and must-have-features, and other information that would help me select the best camera. And is there any other equipment you think I should get?

      I will be videotaping people speaking. Some of them like to walk around as well. I am new to videotaping and can use all the advice you'd care to give me.


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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Do NOT, I repeat NOT buy a DVD or hard drive camcorder... they produce files that are NOT, I repeat NOT suitable for editing

          You need a miniDV camcorder that records to TAPE... where you transfer the information to your computer via Firewire

          One that may work for you is...
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            Jim_Simon Level 8
            For professionals, I think the best quality and value at the moment is the DVX100B from Panasonic. I've not seen any camera under $5,000 touch it's picture quality and some that go over $5,000 with lesser audio quality. It'll have your XLR for audio, a big viewfinder and LCD, 24P and other filmlike settings, plus the best ergonomic handheld design I've ever used. For me, no other prosumer camera is even worth considering.

            Things get a little more complicated for high definition. Manufacturers have skimped on certain basic features we've grown accustomed to in probably every standard definition camera ever made - namely full resolution imaging devices and frame independent recording. Currently, all affordable options skimp in one area or the other, and in my opinion should be avoided for precisely that reason. Only the $50,000 HPX3000 from Panasonic gets these basics right, but it's a little pricey for most Premiere users. If you don't absolutely NEED high definition right now, I feel it's best to wait for camera makers to do things right and provide an affordable camera that does these basic things correctly.
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              mickkeay Level 1
              Lin - What is your budget? And what do you want to do with the camera (other than record people speaking to you and walking around) How do you want to produce the recorded video? Web? DVD? Give us a clue :-)
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                Level 1
                Sorry about leaving out some information that would help you answer better. I would like to edit it (using Premier) and post it on a company web site.

                My budget is about 5K. Maybe a little more. I also would like to know what other equipment you'd recommend as well. I know just about nothing about recording video.

                Thank you everyone that answers.