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    Export problems in Premiere CS3

      I switched from Premier 1.5 to CS3 recently and am finding it almost impossible to use Premiere now. Files that used to take a few minutes to export are now taking hours. In fact, I tried a test this afternoon using a single mpg clip and a superimposed still image. The clip was 3000 frames long and exporting it in CS3 using the Microsoft DV AVI setting took over an hour to export. Exporting the exact same clip in Premiere 1.5 took 8 minutes.

      I have a reasonably fast computer (Windows, Pentium 4, 2.8 GHZ, 2.5GB RAM) but all my files in CS3 are now taking hours to export to avi.

      Any suggestions on what might be happening/how to fix this?

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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          >using a single mpg

          Premiere (of any version) has never been the best program to try and use MPG as an edit source

          For whatever reason, Premiere3 seems to be WORSE for trying to use MPG as an edit source

          You need to convert your MPG to DV AVI type 2 for Premiere editing
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            Thanks for the tip, I'll give that a try.

            However, I tried exactly the same export using mpg files in both CS3 and Pro 1.5 and the export times were over an hour in CS3 and less than 10 minutes in Pro 1.5 so there is something happening with the new CS3 install that I don't understand.

            I have also had the same extended export times in CS3 using only AVI files and jpgs only so I'm really at a loss.

            I'd hate to have to roll back to the earlier versions, but the time it takes to export files in CS3 (for me at least) is prohibitive.