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    Customizing the Timeline Window

      Major shock coming from Premiere 6.5 to Premiere Pro CS3.

      I.e. how do I customize the Timeline window, which in version 6.5 was done by clicking

      Window -> Window Options -> Timeline Window Options

      Then you could select small-medium-large icon size, and select a track format, ie. just showing the frames of the movie, a frame at the front and at the end with the filename in between, a frame at the front and the rest would be filename, or just the filename.

      I would like to see each individual frame, 25 frames per second.

      Does anybody know how to do this in Premiere Pro CS3?

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          akribie Level 2
          Similar facilities exist in PPro, but they are accessed differently.

          You might want to look at the tutorial videos that came on DVD in the software box to learn how the new interface fits together.

          Basically, instead of setting up timeline defaults, you now operate track by track during editing. The little icons in the track title area of the timeline allow choice of display and other options.

          The one thing not present in PPro is the ability to see each frame individually on the timeline. You can get close at maximum magnification, but not quite all the way. Need to use the clip and program windows plus nudging (window controls or keyboard shortcuts) to move frame by frame.
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            Level 1
            Thanks! I just wanted to quickly edit a "movie" from several camcorder recordings of a children's event at an after-school-club, never tried Premiere Pro, only 6.5. But I did find the little icon you were referring to, thanks. But one cannot select which icon size you want (small, medium, large - and what's showing is VERY small, he he or I need new glasses), like in 6.5? Probably a lot of things changed, and I need to find the time to sit and learn (i.e. I also lacked the handles when you expand the video tracks, to fade in and fade out etc. but now there's presets to choose from and just drag and drop.... soooo much to learn....).
            Thanks again!
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              akribie Level 2
              Drag the bottom edge of the title area of a track to make it bigger or smaller.

              Watch the tutorial videos - saves time in the long run !
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                shooternz Level 6
                Edit in the source monitor where frame accuracy editing is easy.

                It is not as easy to achieve frame accuracy in the timeline.(I am assuming you have been using the Razor tool to edit)