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    RT previews?

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      I use Premiere Pro 1.0. If I use the slow motion the RT previews look like crap unless I opt to deinterlace the footage. The same is true for the PIPs. If I select to deinterlace the PIPs the RT previews look great. If I do not deinterlace the clip the RT preview has the interlacing artifacts. It is not that hard to right click field options and select the deinterlace video option to get better RT previews but I know that I can not keep the deinterlace video option selected for the final render. Leaving the deinterlace selected for final render will make the render look a little worse. I would like to be able to deinterlace the RT preview only with out altering the final render settings. Can this be done?

      If you do not know what I mean just right click on the clip with a PIP and see the difference when the field option is set to deinterlace (anti-flicker also works).
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          What you want can't be done. You should also be asking in the 1.0 forum. This is for CS3 questions.
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            Thanks for the info.

            I am asking in the PP CS3 forum because I thought it might be an added option in PP CS3. I can select anti-flicker or deinterlace and the RT previews with PIP layers plays back smooth on the NTSC monitor. It would make realtime viewing much easier if I did not have to manualy select deinterlace for RT previews (client viewing) and then deselect deinterlace for the final render.

            Is there a way to pause the footage on lower fields or upper fields like in Edius? As of now I get both fields (complete frame) and the jerky wiggles irratate me. I can deal with it but pausing on odd or even fields would be a nice feature.
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              I don't think there's any way to do that either. Sorry.