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    Mainconcept Mpeg Pro HD and Encore transcode problems with blu-ray

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      I wanted to use premiere pro to edit my HDV files and import them into Encore to produce Blu-ray discs without transcoding. I have tried the Mainconcept Mpeg Pro HD plugin 3.1 as this should provide smart transconding of the edited file. I have been having difficulty in exporting from Premiere a file which will import into Encore and to flag it as don't transcode for blu-ray.

      I have only been able to get Encore to not transcode if the file is demultiplexed into seperate video and audio files and that the video file must be a program stream. Unfortunatly I can only get Mpeg Pro to export a transport stream and I have to multiplex it onto a program stream for Encore.

      Is there a way to export from Mpeg Pro with smart transcoding a file which will not be transcoded by Encore.

      Regards Trevor