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    Newbie resolution ratio issue

      I have CS3 Production Premium and I am just learning the applications. I have worked myself into a bind on my first project and wanted some advice about it.

      Here is the issue:
      The project involves footage from a DV cam (720x480 0.9)that is run through Ultra for a virtual set. The resulting .avi is 720x480.
      This will be edited together with footage that is created from scratch in After Effects. I knew that my resulting flash product had to be 320x240. So, given that AE works faster with smaller resolutions and that I wanted to see what I could get away with in 320x240, I created the AE footage to be 320x240. This represents an amount of work that cannot be redone.

      When bringing these into PrProCS3, I started with the DV cam 720x480 clips. Then I add the 320x240 clips and see that I must use the PP feature, "scale to fit frame". This leaves black bars on the left and right of the 320x240 clips as they are a different ratio than the 720x480 clips.

      1. What could I do about fixing the situation I have created?
      2. How should I have done it to start with?

      thanks very much for any ideas,