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    HD Camcorder

      Hello again all - seem to be spending my life reading these pages.

      Have got CS£, and am thinking about getting an HD Camcorder. Have done all my research on the Camcorder itself, but that is going to be a fairly pointless exercise if it doesnt work with CS3 (Consideration 5,444!)

      Does anyone work with a High Def Camcorder which they know works with CS3?

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          Panasonic HVX 200.
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            Thanks jonereb - thinking of something which my wife would not remove (rather essential) parts of my body for buying - something in the £1,000 mark!!

            Nice Camcorder though!!!!
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              Andy Urtu Level 1
              I have a Canon HV20. Eventhough is small, it takes wonderful HDV video.
              I use Cineform Neo HDV to convert it to a quality .avi file for editing.

              If you can spend $3,000 US or more then the canon XH A1 is awesome.
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                Why bother with Premiere if Adobe can't get their act together. There are so many other editing programs aroun which do edit AVCHD like Canopus, Pinnacle Studio 11 or Sony Lasvegas they all do the same and more, for far less money.
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                  Thanks for the feedback - not too sure about the alternative programs though - somewhat a case of closing stable door once horse has bolted. Thanks for the feedback!!
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                    I also have an HV20, for the first time this morning, I'm trying to capture an entire miniDV tape inside my HV20.

                    Premiere will only capture and save to .mpeg format, and I don't see any option to save to .avi format.

                    I'm 99% sure, if I want the highest quality backup of my miniDV tape, I must capture this to .avi format, -- is this not correct ?

                    I do not see any option to record to .avi, and, when I do capture.

                    Pinnacle Studio 11 records to a different format,
                    if I capture a test portion of my tape I get 2 files,
                    video.m2v , and video2.wav.

                    I also note that Premiere, as soon as you start capturing, the preview video goes blank and you get a message in a bunch of different languages, and you cannot see what you are now capturing, whereas Pinnacle Studio 11, shows you what you are capturing. I don't get why Premiere would not want to show what is being captured ( ?? )

                    Bottom line: I thought Premiere is supposed to be a much much higher quality product than Pinnacle Studio 11, is this not the case ?

                    So my final question is this, is Premiere not capable of capturing to .avi ? ( the mpeg test file it produced for me was very small, telling me it's not good for editing later on )

                    Thanks for any info gentlemen,

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                      Jim_Simon Level 8

                      You should ask your questions only once. I answered in the other thread.
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                        I'm using Canon XH A1 with Adobe CS3 Master collection. Loving it. The quality of the video it tremendous. The integration of the entire suite including After Effects is very tight. I've played with Final Cut pro and Motion on a mac G5 and I'd take the Master collection any day.

                        To address Davids post about compression on capture. Yes I too was expecting an avi on capture. However you do get a very good quality compressed mpeg when capturing into Premier. It is actually right at the same date stream (3.5 MB per second leaving you with around 13.5 GB per hour on the drive.) This is the same when capturing into Final Cut pro on a Mac. You get the same compression and data size only it is in a MOV (Quick Time) file.

                        All that said, you have to remember that they do this because most computers couldn't keep up with the data stream if they captured in a uncompressed file. Keep in mind that a SD picture is only 720x480 which works out to .3 mega pixels. Whereas a HD is 1.55 mega pixels per frame. I run on a home built PC that is overclocked and has a RAID 5 array of disks but not everyone is like this.

                        Bottom line is that even with the compressions that the HD undergoes on capture (in both Mac and PC) the quality is amazing. I can use HD footage in an SD project and magnify it %400 and it still looks as good as the SD video that I'm standing it against.

                        As to the preview window, I believe that it has to do with the video card. I'm running an 8800GTX and I get the same things. My solution is just to leave the LCD on my camera on when I capture. I've also run the component plugs into my 24" Dell LCD and turned onthe picture in Picture. This way I get a nice little 7" window on my LCD that I can monitor while capturing. Or you could run a cable to another monitor or TV or whatever.

                        Hope this gives you some ideas and confidence in a great program. Like I stated before, it is my favorite. I've tried the Mac but still prefer Adobe stuff. But then again I've been using their stuff to do non-linear editing since 1998, before the mini-DV was all the rage. Back then I'd digitize from Hi8.

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                          Jim_Simon Level 8
                          >even with the compressions that the HD undergoes on capture (in both Mac and PC) the quality is amazing.

                          Technically, the compression happens upon recording, not during capture. Capture is just a straight unaltered transfer of the digital media.
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                            Oblivion Dust Level 1
                            I use a Sony HDR HC-7 as my "B" camera and keep it with me everywhere I go. Its small, has some manual control, and the picture is great so long as the subject is well lit. I use it with Premiere CS3 all the time as a HDV VCR and it works great. I am warry of Canon, we have had two, and they both had problems with dead pixels in CCDs and one had mechanical problems requiring repair.