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    conform from edl

      Hi all
      I'm trying to use premier in a DI workflow.
      I imported an EDL from Avid, and want to reconnect it to an image sequence. Is that at all possible? I can Also live reconnecting it to a QuickTime or AVI file, but I can't seem to get it to work.
      I can't set a new time code to an image sequence (I need to match the time code to the one the EDL requests), and If I import a file, I can set a new time code on it but can't reconnect to the EDL.

      Is there a solution for this?
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          In my experience, no, there's no easy solution with PPro. It doesn't support any kind of file-based conform. It doesn't see TC in file sequences and you can't assign TC after import. My experiences with AVI/QT files are the same as yours. There aren't a whole lot of choices out there to do this though. The only box I've personally worked on that has file sequence conform nailed is Quantel's eQ, but it's $$$. It can read TC embedded in DPX files for instance and conform to a EDL or AAF from Avid. Or keycode list for that matter.

          When I have had to do this in the past with PPro, I had to eye match each cut (painful) but luckily it was only two 1 minute-ish videos with about 30 cuts each, so not the end of the world. I wish I had better news/solution for you and maybe someone else does. I didn't have time to work out any other better solution for PPro workflow myself at the time. I did consider AE, but it too does not see any kind of clip TC metadata that's useful.

          -Troy Murison
          Seattle, WA
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            Colin Brougham Level 6
            Instead of an EDL from the Avid, try exporting an AAF. I've had *limited* success recreating a project from Avid in PPro, but enough success to make it worth the little bit of time tweaking things afterward.

            An EDL is OK for conforming a timeline from tape-based assets, but the AAF is a more modern and capable format for actually transferring project data (not just the timeline/sequence) from one platform to another. Again, I haven't done it too much myself, but it should handle file-based assets a little better than an EDL.