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    camera rental question.

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      Hi all,

      If this is not the right place for this question, let me know....

      I'm still trying to decide on which camera to buy; XL-H1 or HVX200P or XDCAM EX 1 HD. Until then, i thought i'd just rent two for an up coming dance show.

      Has anyone heard of or had any experience with ZACUTO sales & rental (www.zacuto.com)?

      They have some very nice rental/purchase/rent-to-own packages. It appears i can rent the XL-H1 or HVX200P but not the XDCAM EX 1 HD at this time.

      Also, the dance show, obviously, will have dancers with a fair amount of motion. Assuming ZACUTO is a good place to rent, which camera should i use?