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    support of base64 images

    Raju Rao

      I keep my images in a database in a data format and usually render it on a browser using:

      <img src="data:image/gif;base64, ..... />

      However, I find when I do that in AIR it displays a rectange with a question mark!

      Any help?


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          Adobe AIR 1.5 still does not support any data-urls. I have no idea why, because webkit supports data-urls for a long time. There was a bug report for this issue in the Adobe bug tracking system, but it seems nothing has been done since that. There are other webkit standard features missing from AIR without a good reason: CSS Shadows, reflections, transitions, animation, SVG etc.
          Write a feature request or file another bug report, probably this will help sometime.

          For now you will have to save the image to a file on disk and load it with a file url. You can use the temp-file feature, so that the images are deleted, when you application quits. Not quite ideal, but the best you can do for now.

          I hope Adobe will include all the standard webkit features in future AIR releases, I don't know the reason for being so conservative with some features.
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            Raju Rao Level 1
            Thanks, Andi. Need not spend more time on this :)