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    before buying a video card

      we started our little editing computer with a cs3
      and now we are just on the place to buy a video card
      now the computer has a radeon 9..XXX something card that has
      1 monitor and 1 tv outputs , and we worked a little on cs2 version
      and we had some troubles! ther were crashes in the software
      while doin certain actions on the timeline premiere just says it crashes
      and close the program. some actions were the speed changing in cs2 with
      the stretch and with the speed button... both crashed the program.
      we continue to configure many things and eventually it worked
      but it keeps the mind to be very suspiciuos (sorry bout my english:)
      i think it has something to do with the radeon card but couldnt find any
      reasons other then the fact that its not supported by adobe
      so now we will have cs3 and a new video card that is on the list
      probbly nvidia 7300GT 256 AGP under the brand XFX by Pine
      now , is it really matter what brand? what model?
      this one is not so expansive to get now but it is double priced then any same chip model from Leadtek and kind, so is Pine any better?
      or its all just for the gaming people and for premiere it makes no different?
      i know mostly its like that but eventually on my hp laptop with 7400 go card buit in i didnt had any of the troubles we had on the editing desktop with double the cpu power... so i guess the brand does make a different.
      sorry for bad english and thanx for any simple answer on what to buy next