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    Audio/Video Async because of a few simple razor cuts  ( ? )

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      I have a 1 hour video ( from my HD video camcorder) on my computer, and it's in .mpeg foramt. The size is just about 12 gigs.

      What I did, was do 2 razor cuts, so that I could keep only a 3 minute section of the video. ( about 40 minutes into the recorded video )

      I did the first razor cut at the "in-point" and then another razor cut at the "end-point" , resulting in 3 pieces of footage. I removed both very long segments of video that were before the video segment I wanted, and the long video segment after the portion I wanted.

      I then moved that small 3 minute portion to the beginning of the timeline, and played it back. ---

      The thing is totally out of sync,( about 3 seconds off. )

      What am I doing wrong here ? :-( Any suggestions greatly appreciated.