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    DVCPro HD 100 codec for Premiere....


      I have a file here from a client that they exported from Final Cut Pro - it's a Quicktime file (.mov) but won't play in Quicktime (Windows) and won't import into Premiere Pro CS3 (Windows).

      Both programs tell me that a codec is missing.

      MediaInfo tells me that the codec is 'DVHP', and after some research I found out that this is the DVCPro HD 100 codec for the Panasonic camera.

      Now, I've read on the net that this is a Final Cut Pro (--> Mac) only codec and to use those files on Windows u could try to install the Avid codecs - people told me they have a partnership with panasonic and include those codecs for this camera - please correct me if i'm wrong here...

      So I installed the latest 'Avid' codecs and also several Panasonic programs which were supposed to install this codec, but nothing worked...

      Any suggestions ?

      Thanx for your help in advance !