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    Multi-Cam Editing a bravo or a BUST?


      Has anyone else used the Multi-Cam feature with CS3? I'm really disappointed with it. Maybe it's just me and I'm not doing it right. But compared to Final Cut's This is jsut so much more difficult.

      For instance with Final Cut you can start and stop without it automatically making a cut in the timeline. Also we can fast forward and reverse changing speeds the entire time, so If we know we are going to have some steady shots we can Fast Forward to the point were we are going to need to slow down and still be able to switch cameras while in FF. In CS3 we can do this but once you start "recording" the speed is set with FC you can change speeds anytime without stoping the playback and still switch cameras. It's REALLY frustrating that PPRo3 doesn't do that! So I guess I'm asking if I'm doing this wrong or is this really how it is with CS3?

      I've got 21 days left before Adobe won't let me return this product and we love Multi-Cam editing but it just doens't seem smooth with Premiere. Any thoughts? I've called Adobe and they treated me like a moron, Which I might be :) But I've been using there product since 6.5 and have upgraded everytime so I think I know what I'm talking about...a little. :)