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    Dual Monitors, Only One Plays Back Video

      I've got a brand new RT.X2 and Matrox-spec system. Whenever I extend Premiere Pro CS3 across both monitors, or when I drag a monitor/capture window from the main window to the secondary window, the video doesn't play on the secondary monitor. It just disappears from the window as it crosses the screen border. (I also get a lot of ghost trails from the windows as I drag.) The desktop on the secondary monitor tends to show through the window that should contain the missing video playback.

      The video plays fine on the primary monitor and I've had no other issues whatsoever. Any ideas what I could do to fix the playback issue on the secondary monitor?


      System: Dual Xeon E5430 2.66 GHz Penryn cores, Tempest i5400XT mobo, 4 GB RAM, 2 x RAID SAS 15K Operating Drive, 2 x RAID SAS 15K Video Drive, PowerColor ATI Radeon X1850Pro 512MB GPU, Adobe CS3 Master Collection, Matrox RT.X2, CineMassive Dual Monitors (LG24" 1920x1080).