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    Please Help With Some Newbie Workflow Questions

      I'm a dad doing my son's high school football highlights for college athletic recruiting. I bought Master Collection, a Matrox RT.X2, and a very fast NLE PC. I shot HDV footage, the team shot SD footage, and now I need to put it all together.

      I realize I've asked a lot of questions, but can anyone help me with any of the following:

      1) Which Preset? If I want both HDV (on my hard disk) and SD (burned to DVD), in which preset (HDV or SD) should I complete the edited project?

      2) Both HDV/SD Output? Assuming I edit in HDV, and I'm now ready to output the SD DVD to Encore, should I just use Media Encoder? Should I export from Premiere Pro to some intermediate codec before importing to Encore? Should I import the edited HDV timeline into an SD preset in Premiere Pro (possibly even downsampling it in After Effects first) before exporting it to Encore?

      3) SD Upsampling? In trying to edit the SD team film (unencrypted, obviously), it appears that the simple method of renaming the .VOB file as an .MPEG file and importing that into a Premiere Pro SD preset plays back fine (although the downscaled HDV suffers terribly). But importing that same .MPEG into an HDV preset (the Matrox preset, in fact, which claims to mix SD with HDV as a big sales point) results in a lot of dropped SD frames on playback.

      I know MainConcept Pro HD 3 claims to improve MPEG editing in Premiere Pro. Any reason I should consider using it to edit SD in an HDV preset? If not, I'm considering spending another few hundred bucks on the AlgoSuite plug-in to After Effects and using it to upsample the SD to HDV, then using Dynamic Link to edit that HDV timeline in Premiere Pro.

      Does anyone have any experience with AlgoSuite, or can anyone recommend another, better way to upsample the SD to HDV so that I don't get the dropped frames on playback when editing SD in an HDV preset?

      4) Multicam? Should I mess with multicam when I just have two video sources -- HDV and SD? Or should I just edit the two separately and sync the timing "manually" (which seems easy enough, e.g., when the ball gets snapped)?

      5) Effects? How much should I use After Effects for things like panning and scanning, putting a circle around my son to point him out (at wide receiver), etc., vs. using Premiere Pro's built-in effects? Is After Effects always better? (I read once that, when zooming in on an HDV shot, After Effects "processes" -- renders? -- the effect, thereby raising the quality over Premiere Pro's, Matrox's or Cineform's effects.)

      6) Can anyone help with my son's 40 time or bench press? (My way of saying thanks for reading this far.)

      Remember, any advice wouldn't just help me, it would help a good kid get into college! Thanks in advance.