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    Open bins or use content from another project...

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      Is it possible to use content from another project in the currently open project?

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          Jim_Simon Level 8
          Sure. Navigate to the right folder on the hard drive and import it.
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            I guess you are talking about importing an entire Project. This isn't exactly what I was talking about, for I already found that in the Help. Was just wondering if I could import individual assets from a previous CS3 Project, as you can with an earlier version.

            Sorry, I'm transitioning from Avid...

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              Colin Brougham Level 6

              I'm a former Avid user, and this is something I miss as well. I'm guessing you're talking about importing a bin (like an Avid .avb file) and its contents--if so, that's not something that is directly possible with PPro. Bins are not separate files like they are with Avid--they're part of the project file (.pproj) itself.

              There are two options, though:

              1) Import the .pproj file for the other project that contains the bins you want. This will create a new bin in your current project named for the original project, and recreate all the bins, masterclips, and sequences from that project. Depending on the size of the original project, this may happen quickly or take a minute or two. One thing to note is that this is not a live link to the original project--the content from that project is merged into the new one. So if you makes changes to a bin or sequence in the original, and go back to the new, no changes will be made to the new project.

              2) Second option is to open the original project, select the content you want in either the project window or the timeline, copy it, jump back to the new project, and paste it. I haven't tried this with selecting a bin, but if it doesn't work, you'd just copy the masterclips and then create a new bin in the new project and paste into it instead.

              Hope that achieves what you're looking to do.
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                Thanks for the great response. We have both an Avid Xpress Pro system and a Premiere Pro CS3 system, and I'm really liking PPCS3. I mean I'm REALLY liking it. When I jump back to our Avid, I find that I really wish the project had been started on the PP machine.

                But I digress...

                1) This is the workflow that I've been using. I was really just looking for an easier solution, such as being able to import a single bin. Not a really big deal actually...just a few extra steps.

                2) Wow! Never even actually thought to just try a copy/paste between projects...and it works. Actually brings over all of the clips that are in the sequence that was pasted in.

                Thanks again!!!
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                  akribie Level 2
                  If you keep your assets in separate disk folders, you can import a folder at a time. Would this help in your case?
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                    I do, but this isn't exactly what I would like to do. I was really looking for functionality found in Avid, and perhaps others. In Avid software, you can merely open a bin from another project and use that bin's contents as if it were a part of the current project. Clips, sequences, etc.
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                      Colin Brougham Level 6

                      I hear you on the CS3 thing vs. Avid--I'll hold a special place in my crusty editor heart for Avid until the day I die, but there's something about PPro that's made me more effective for the kind of work I do...

                      One thing I had done in my Avid days that I've migrated to my PPro workflow was to create a common project that contained elements that I used in multiple project. For instance, that common project had a SLATE bin that already had a sequence with black, B&T, slate template, and countdown pre-built. I'd just import the SLATE bin and all my elements were ready to drop into my finished sequence for laying back to tape. I've since modified this approach to PPro by again building a common project with oft-reused elements. It's not exactly the same, but it works well enough.

                      I've also, for certain projects, created a separate project that I use solely for capture and logging. Then, I can import that project into whichever one I'm working on with all my footage and log notes intact. I figured this one out too late in my current gig, but I'll be implementing more in the future.
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                        Good suggestions...
                        Premiere was my first editing platform about 10 years ago. For some reason, I just never could work on it without the manual right beside me. Then ran the gamut from Ulead Videostudio to Vegas. For 'real' editing we were using a Media Composer in the studio of our main client. When XpressDV came out, I decided to bite that bullet. Pleasantly discovered that we could offline here with it and then take the project to the Media Composer. Worked our way up to the latest version of Xpress Pro, then last year at NAB sat through a CS3 demo, and was impressed. I have a laptop that I really need to edit with on location, and Avid will just not run on it. So I thought I'd give Premiere another chance. Wow! I absolutely love it! Editing with it is actually fun again. Since I edit mostly for web and Flash based delivery, it fits my work flow nicely. My top of the line accolade is it's handling of media. I love that it compartmentalizes media per project, and that preview files can be created in a single separate folder. Sure, we use MediaMover for the Avid, but it's a few extra steps from Premiere method.

                        In fact, this threads subject is the only thing that I've discovered at my level of editing that Avid can do better than Premiere.
                        Also, I've come from a computer background, not an editing one, so Premiere's greater use of mouse and drag n drop functionality pleases me.