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      Is it at all possible to add a hyperlink within a video? I want to create a short video with a logo in the lower corner. I am going to embed the video in a power point presentation. Is it possible to make the logo in the lower corner a link?

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          To the best of my (horrible) memory, the closest you could come within Premiere Pro was to have WMV files open a hyperlink in a new browser window when playback reached a specific point. But the trigger was time (like at 1:15 a window could pop up), but you did not have the ability to graphically place a hyperlink area on the screen.

          With that said, you can do this sort of thing in Adobe Flash. (Not the *flash format* in Premiere, but with the actual Flash application Adobe bought from Macromedia.)

          But, then again-- you mentioned powerpoint, and I am only familiar with Flash in web browsers.

          * I reserve the right for 90% of this to be complete rubbish. It's all based on vague memories.
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            Jim_Simon Level 8
            I'd say your memory is pretty good.
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              Curt Wrigley Level 4
              Good mem. I had a tutorial up at one point showing how to do this with Premiere/WMV in a web frame. The problem with WMV though is the user can turn this functionality off in the windows media client. I took the tut down due to this fact. Just frustrated users.

              So, flash cue points are the way to go.

              Curt Wrigley