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    flash-html-textfield / links in a MIAW?

      Hello folks,

      i have a problem that freaks me up:

      within a director-movie (main movie) i load a second director-movie as MIAW (second movie). within the second movie i have a swf-sprite (swf movie) that contains a html-textfield.

      now i try to pass a html-string to that textfield, for example:

      ... see below ... ;)

      if i preview the swf-movie, that works fine.

      within the director-movies this html-string is only interpreted as string, no link is available... the textfield displays only GOOGLE - no matter if or how " / ' is escaped ... can anybody hint me to a solution of this problem?!

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          Flash normally runs in a browser window, and so its native mechanism for
          interpreting a call to the web is to send out to the browser to make
          this happen.

          When you place a Flash .swf inside a Director movie, either by importing
          or by linking the .swf, the Director movie is now the host for that
          file, not a browser window. While Director is fully capable of opening
          the new link in a browser, it doesn't understand the command that Flash
          is sending to it.

          What you need to do in this case is to pass the url to the Director
          movie and let it open the browser connection.

          Rob Dillon
          Adobe Community Expert