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    Our Setup: XP 64-bit or Vista 64-bit?

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      Let me break down the situation here:
      A year ago we built a computer from scratch. I'll list some of the basic specs here:

      A nice Tyan motherboard (can't remember the model)
      4 GB of RAM (4 x 1 GB sticks)
      an nVidia GeForce 8800 GTX video card
      TWO Dual-Core AMD Opteron 270 (2.0 GHz) - [dualcore + dualprocessor]
      10k Raptor hard drive for operating system
      3x500GB RAID as "video" hard drive
      Adobe Premiere Pro CS3

      Now, after building this computer over a year ago, Windows Vista had JUST been released, so we weren't interested in installing Vista yet, due to not knowing how great it would be. So with this awesome computer, we ended up just installing regular 32-bit ole' Windows XP on it.
      Now it's been a year, and the computer is in need of a good format. We're trying to decide which operating system to install now. Obviously, XP32 is the SAFEST choice, but probably the slowest, considering we have dual-core dual-processor here and 4GB of RAM, and want to take advantage of all of this.
      So I guess we're kind of wondering what to expect if we go to XP64 or Vista64. Which is going to give us better performance? This computer is basically ONLY for video editing, not much else. Literally installing Adobe's software, and maybe small needed things like Nero and whatnot. I haven't really heard too much about XP64, and a lot of the stuff I hear about Vista is conflicted. AND also keep in mind that next month, XP will be upgrading to SP3 and Vista will be upgrading to SP1, and VistaSP1 sounds quite promising.
      All of the hardware and software we have apparently has Vista drivers (I've checked online), so there should be no concern here.

      So it's simple. We're on XP32 at the moment. Should we go up to XP64 or Vista64, and if so, and which one and why?
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          h2ofun Level 1
          XP64. More stable. Better compatibility.
          Less crap not needed that vista has.

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            Adobe Dynamic Link "Import After Effects comp" fails in Vista Business 64 bit

            I am posting this, since in my search, I found no other reference to this problem on the web. If someone has a fix then great. Should someone have the same issue, it may confirm a glitch running CS3 Production Premium in Vista 64 bit. I run XP 64 bit and Vista 64 bit on a dual boot (same hardware) so it was easy for me to troubleshoot the " serious error" Premier gave me when I tried to import an After Effects comp through Dynamic link in Premier Pro. Below is the scenario.

            1. The following sequence for Adobe Dynamic Link>New After Effects Composition works fine in both Win XP Pro 64 bit and Vista Business 64 bit :

            I open After Effects CS3 to an untitled composition then leave AFX running in the background. Next I Open Premier Pro CS3 to create a new project in the following format:

            Standard NTSC video (4:3 interlaced). 48kHz (16 bit) audio.
            Editing mode: DV NTSC
            Timebase: 29.97 fps
            Video Settings
            Frame size: 720h 480v (0.900)
            Frame rate: 29.97 frames/second
            Pixel Aspect Ratio: D1/DV NTSC (0.9)
            Fields: Lower Field First

            In Premier Pro CS3 I choose File> Adobe Dynamic Link>New After Effects Composition. My project window now has a 11 sec dynamic link linked comp 0 movie file which is black video. I return to After Effects and find a new comp named "dynamic link Linked Comp". I import a Microsoft DV 720 X 480 48.000kHz/16 bit stereo 30 sec video into the AFX Project window then drag it to the timeline. I return to Premier Pro and find the 30 sec movie in the Premier timeline. I am able to make changes to the movie in AFX and they reflect in the Premier timeline.

            2. The next sequence for Adobe Dynamic Link>Import After Effects fails running on my Vista Business 64 bit OS. It works perfectly running on Win XP Pro 64 bit.

            I open After Effects, import an NTSC Microsoft DV 720 X 480 48.000kHz/16 bit stereo 30 sec video, drag video into the "create a new comp button" at the bottom of the project file then save the comp. I open a new Standard NTSC video (4:3 interlaced) project in Premier Pro CS3 then choose File>Adobe Dynamic Link>Import After Effects Composition. I get an Adobe Premier Alert " Sorry, a serious error has occurred that requires Adobe Premier Pro to shut down. We will attempt to save your current project." I click OK and Premier closes.

            System: Dual boot Win XP Pro 64 bit and Vista Business 64bit, 3.2 GHz Pentium D 940 Dual core, Asus P5WD2 Premium motherboard, 8 gig Crucial DDR-2 667 ram, WD 5000AAKS and WD 7500AAKS SATA hard drives, Dual Asus EAX300 Video cards.

            The above comparisons were done on a fresh load of both OS's with the latest drivers and the only programs I had installed were Microsoft Office 2003 Pro, Quicktime, Firefox and Acrobat. I have all the latest CS3 updates for Production Premium and the latest Windows updates.
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              I just wonder with the same computer, what is the advantage of 64 bit OS compare with 32 bit OS if the memory only max 4GB? Will it make premiere faster in rendering?
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                In addition to running a dual boot with XP Pro X64 and Vista Business X64, I have a separate hard drive loaded with Win XP Po 32 bit. This is all on the same computer with the same hardware. The 32 bit OS only shows 3 gig ram. my X64 OS's show the full 8 gig I have installed. By the way, when running 8 gig of ram, I have problems with my microphones, USB and analog. I dropped my ram back down to 4 gig today. The main advantage I see with 32 bit compared to 64 bit is when running After effects, especially ram previews. . I can't say that I see improved speeds during render in PP CS3.
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                  OK thanks. I am going to build new system with max 4GB of RAM. I might as well stick with XP32 bit especially that they planned to release SP3.

                  BTW, Did you flag XP 32bit boot.ini to see the other RAM? My understanding is that you can't use all 4GB for user/apps but you can use up to 3GB for user/apps and the rest will go to system. So not completely useless.
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                    h2ofun Level 1
                    I saw better stability with XP X64, than XP or vista

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                      Dave, are you saying you actually saw better stability with XP64 than you did with XP32?
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                        Does anyone have more advice that could help us out with this issue?
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                          h2ofun Level 1
                          I have had many more failures under XP32 and Vista 32.
                          Under XP x64, I now has seen apps use just about 2 gig of memory.
                          So, do not know the why, but I have large projects that seemed
                          to crash under 32 bit OS's, but are working just great under X64.
                          A lot of folks I know have done bench mark testing with games.
                          Vista is always slower. X64 is the same or a little faster
                          thas X32. So, a number of use are going to X64. We will NOT
                          go back to Vista.

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                            Heard that XP 64bit multithread kernel is based on Windows 2003 Server (so it is bit better than XP 32bit especially for multithread apps). However single thread 32 bit apps should run slower with X64 due to their inability of taking advantage of multithread and running in emulation for 32 bit.

                            Also I think XP 64 bit should provide more stability as every 32 bit apps should get its own memory so 1 crash apps will never take others/system.

                            However you should use at least 4GB because 64bit should take more memory.

                            Just got new E6600 with 4GB of memory but still running 32bit XP due to my old printer has not got 64 bit device driver.
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                              Windows Vista, any version, is very good to boot your computer to a very bealtyful GUI. After that, you can spent a time seeing the analog clock running in the sidebar, looking at gorgeous icons. After that you can shutdown system and go home. Is this all vista is capable of. DO NOT GO TO VISTA, NEVER. I have 26 years of experience in computers, MSCE certificate, MVP certificate and others. I know what i´m saying. CS3 will very good and stable with XP64, and even do not CS3 able to use more than 3GB of ram, CS4 will coming soon and will be a 64 bit software. Vista is a bad work and you will have more problems than solutions. XP64 is the best OS for CS3.
                              Best regards,
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                                h2ofun Level 1
                                I have Vista X64 running on lots of computers. I love it.
                                I have had NO issues with CS3 with Vista X64.

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                                  Jim_Simon Level 8
                                  Unfortunately, h20, your experience seems more the exception rather than the rule.