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    Impossible to use Premiere pro CS3...?

      Hello, I am new to this forum and also a new owner of Premiere Pro (CS3-windows Vista 32bits)

      My problem? After importing my HDV films with PPro, video and audio have huge gaps up to 15 sec in any of the windows of PPro!!! The imported sequence are OK in any video "reader" as VLC... but not in PPro.
      Could it be a bug of PPro with timelines "breaks"? Opened in Windows Movie Maker, audio and video match perfectly for these same sequences (sorry for the english, I am french)

      I am a bit horrified as I bought Premiere, confident on the quality of Adobe softwares and in the impossibility of testing with the testing version as HDV is deactivated in it!!!!!

      Please, could you make me more confident, I am so afraid!
      Thank you.

      NOTE: I had my hard drive formated just before installing Premiere pro... !!