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    Premiere Pro CS3 Podcast #24: Creating a Sports Highlight Reel (part 1)

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      Thanks to all for your continued podcast suggestions. I plan to get to many of them. However, until then, here's a special 2-part sports edition in honor of the Superbowl.


      b How to make ESPN-style slowmos and special effects in Premiere Pro CS3 using the Time Remapping Effect.

      Part 1 deals mainly with Premiere Pro's built-in Time Remapping effect, use to create slow motion "slowmos" and freeze frames. Then check back for Part 2 next week, when Jeff demonstrates how to make some of the same visual effect techniques seen on ESPN SportsCenter to highlight specific players or plays.
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          Very helpful tutorial. When does Part 2 come out?

          BTW, I'm in the middle of a sports highlight tape for college football coaches for my son. I'm a novice at the myriad effects offered by PPro, AE, Matrox, etc., but what I find absolutely essential are:

          1) A matte to highlight and draw the eye to the player at the start of every play. (I prefer to invert the opacity and darken the image except in the oval around the highlighted player.)

          2) Scale or "zoom" the image and Time remapping or "slo-mo", especially for replays of especially good highlights. I use Digital Anarchy's ReSizer 2.0 plug-in.

          3) Panning across high-res still photos for the "Ken Burns Effect". (I use ReSizer for that, too.)

          4) Audio processing to bring out the voice of the PA announcer when he calls your son's name. (I re-render all the audio clips using Soundbooth's Vocal Attack, regardless of whether there's audio that I want to use from that clip, to avoid dramatic level differences between audio clips.)

          What I would really love to toy with, but don't know how, is how to "draw" the receiver's route on the field in advance of the play and highlight the football as it traverses a dashed line in flight from the QB to the receiver. Anyone have any ideas other than buying $100K worth of equipment?
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            Hi Eric, part 2 comes out today. It focuses on how to use Photoshop to "zoom" in on just two players. Part 3 (next week) will show how to use a matte to highlight a selected play or players (and dim the rest of the field).

            As far as drawing the receiver's route or the football's path... You could do that relatively easily with Premiere's titler or with a Photoshop image, and then with a wipe transition to "reveal" the arrow/path.

            I tell you what-- if you have any good footage, I'd be happy to play with it in a future podcast. It would have to be a lock-down shot from a high angle that clearly shows the route of the player or the football. If you're interested, you can email me. My contact info is at jeffschell.com.