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    Quick Help - Chroma

    mickkeay Level 1
      Hi all. I had to shoot a scene yesterday - couple of guys (fixed) sitting at small table in a pub chatting over a couple of beers. For some reason we could not get the pub so we improvised in an office with green screen background (well lit and quite even) Now I need to key in a background. I dont know whether to use real background pub motion OR find shoot a still image of a pub wall with window or something. I haven't attempted any chroma keying in the past so world appreciate views on the best approach. Obviously I want the end result to look as convincing as possible but fully realize it is unlikely to be totally convincing? I will likely have to shoot the background myself? Cant seem to find clips / stills out there - Cheers Mike
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          mickkeay Level 1
          (Test) why didn't this get a little flag saying "new"? did it post?
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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            For the "flag" issue: if you checked "Subscribe to this discussion by email," then often times, the flag will not appear on your browser. Seems that it works for some people, but I am one, for whom it does not. Could be a browser issue, or maybe a "preferences" issue with the Adobe site. When I questioned it, all preferences/options advice were already correct, but I do not get flage either.

            Your post made it up fine, and I'll bet you get some responses soon.

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              Steven L. Gotz Level 5
              You don't get a flag on your own posts, only other people's.
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                llaferte Level 1
                Interestingly I just had the same challenge although I was shooting an adult using a laptop computer in an elementary school classroom. We could not get authorization to tape the kids. So I shot the adult and laptop with a green screen background, I than played with both Stock footage of a classroom and still images. Using Adobe Ultra (first time I ever touched it) both worked pretty well; much better than I expected. Check out the tutorials: http://www.adobe.com/designcenter/video_workshop/ they were very helpful.

                So in answer to your question try both. I ended up using some of the stock footage for the wider shots and for close-ups of the laptop (where only small bits of the green screen appeared) I used stills. Good luck.
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                  mickkeay Level 1
                  Thanks Lawrence. I will load up Ultra later and give it a drive.
                  It gets worse! One of the shots has the green screen a bit too short on one side - and doesn't look too clean on the other side (few creases showing) I think I saw a tutorial using a garbage matte to address a similar problem. Should be fun. Where did you get stock footage? I am looking for bar background kinda stuff (unless ultra has any library stuff included)
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                    shooternz Level 6
                    If you want this to be anything like convincing you are going to have to shoot the bg plates your self. This is the only way you will match camera angle, camera position, DOF, lens and lighting.

                    Garbage mattes and rotoscoping should help the other issues.
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                      llaferte Level 1
                      For stock footage I used FotoSearch.COM. But Craig is right about it not being so convincing. I only used very brief shots most of these were obstructed by foreground action, and I blurred them - plus I only needed to suggest the idea of being in a classroom. Good luck.