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    Project  Import Bug

    hhansard Level 1
      PPCS3, windows, latest patches, etc, etc

      Great bug and I used to write software for a living, so I know a good bud when I see one Perfectly repeatable 100% of the time:

      Needed to pull together something quickly. Built a new project and imported several old projects to pull assets and some timeline.

      So I build project X and import projects A+B+C

      Cleaned-up all the un-needed assets and un-used timelines and reorganized everything nice and tidy. Used project manager to blow-away all unused assets.

      SO I am left with just X

      Burned DVD life is good.

      So now I have a finished project X and saved-it-out. Done !

      Several weeks later, a guy sees the DVD and wants me to expand the idea and use some of his assets.

      OK, dont want to corrupt my finished dvd project [X], so I create a new project and import the final version of the saved dvd project [X] and will add his assets

      Basically use final X + new assets to make project Y

      Well, upon importing X, I dont get X I get A+B+C ??? in the state prior to using project manager to clean-up

      In summary, X is not imported at all, not the final timeline anywhere.. I simple get A+B+C..

      I must be crazy, so I close my current project and open the final dvd project [X] and it is in its correct state ---- nice and tidy. I even burn another DVD to make sure the project is not corrupted.

      OK, I must have made a mistake, so I go back and create a new project [Y] and import the final state of X and it happens again. I get A+B+C I even try to import auto-saves versions, and still happens.

      Now I assume the project bin is managed using a linked-list of pointers, or large pointer array something inside the project file is really screwed-up to cause an import problem like this. Are there history states on the project bin?

      Thanks in advance,

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          hhansard Level 1

          See previous post for background.

          Well I figure that I may as well work with what I got. My project has only 100 assets, so what the hell, how long could it take me?

          I import X (and get A+B+C)

          I re-splice A+B+C to Make a new project Y It will cost me a day, but its snowing right now and what the hell

          So I re-clean-up and use project manager to blow-away unused assets basically getting a new Y that is an approximation of X

          Come back after a break..

          Open Y and PP asked for 3 missing assets.. what the hell??? I write down the names, skip them and use the find function to locate the missing assets in the project.not there at all they were purged during the clean-up. Found them on disk and definitely blown-away in project manager starting to see a pattern here..

          Not sure of the structure of the project file, but it must be corrupt And what is interesting, it is remembering a previous state of the file I can open the original X and burn a dvd perfectly. But if I import X, it sees a version of the file that has not existed in monthsNow that is cool

          Thinking Most [mission critical] software has built-in validity checking you run a stand-alone software on the database (Oracle, Exchange, Quicken, disk i-node tables, whatever) they all have it I wrote some of this stuff in my time. These programs rifle-through the data and use checksums, Hamming codes, etc.. to see if and data is corrupt, and ask you how you want to fix itPP have a function like this? If so, can I use it to fix my corrupt project? If not, it would be a good feature This would save me many hours at this point

          Thanks in advance,

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            Jim_Simon Level 8
            I can't explain the error as I just never use the Project Manager. (I prefer to do all my Windows organizing only with an external file manager.) But a quick work around might be to just open X and do a Save As... for project Y.
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              hhansard Level 1
              Great minds think alike... that was exactly the second thing i tried, believe it or not, the corruption follows the project....
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                Jeff Bellune Level 5
                Grasping at straws here...

                Any chance you finished with a Flex Bin open and not the top-level Project bin? Maybe you had copies in other bins that were closed, or some other strange bin state existed at the time of trimming? Is the final state of X *really* gone from the trimmed project's top-level Project bin?

                Point: did you open and test the trimmed project right after you used the Project Manager? Or did you just trim-and-go?
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                  hhansard Level 1
                  OK, new update: please see previous posts, or this wont make sense

                  Got some interesting suggestions from forum members, but they did not pan-out, but thanks to all good ideas all around

                  Decided to try this: I assumed that an aaf export would rifle through all the pointers in the project bin and spit-out a flat file of assets, so decided to give it a try never done that before...

                  Exported final dvd project X to an aaf.

                  Created a new project Y and imported the project X aaf.

                  Now this is the interesting part: I get all of projects A+B+C andthe X timeline [what that I needed] and missing from all previous attempts

                  Of course, the project bin is just one big mess, but I can deal with that will take hours to fix this stuff, but it is what it is.

                  So it appears that the assets are all there, but in some big/strange screwed-up pointer/index mess

                  Was tempted to fire-up Ultra-edit in HEX mode and deconstruct the project file, but I dont have that kind of free time.

                  Would be interested in sending the pproj file to adobe and have them tell me what whet wrong, and more importantly, create a utility to detect / correct corruption I have only 100 assets, but I could not imagine what someone would do with a 1000 assets, a corrupt pproj, a deadline and an unforgiving Marketing VP...


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                    John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP
                    >interested in sending the pproj file to adobe

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                      hhansard Level 1
                      Sure, followed the link in your post, but did not really offer a way to upload anything... just show me the way...

                      This botha bug and feature request...

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                        John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP
                        I doubt Adobe will allow you to send anything... but you could upload to your own web site and put a link in your message
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                          Jeff Bellune Level 5

                          A PPro project file is just an XML file.

                          Try XMLWrench: http://www.xmlwrench.com/index.html

                          It checks for well-formedness and validity, and allows you to edit and save the xml file.