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    From PP to DVD - simpliest way ?

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      Hi gentlemen,

      I have about 1 hour of video, on the timeline and with to burn out a test DVD of this footage.

      I chose the export function, then Adobe Media encoder -> MPEG2-DVD ......but PP wants to burn out a .m2v video file. ?? .... I want to burn a DVD, so why isn't Premiere wanting to burn out a series of .vob files ?

      I'm very puzzled here, as how to go about this. I don't want any menus, or chapters, just a test dvd for the time being.

      Very confused,
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          Jim_Simon Level 8
          Encore makes the .vob files out of the .m2v files from Premiere.
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            John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP
            Pro2 would directly create a simple DVD... Pro3 has Encore3 bundled and will no longer create a DVD by itself, you must use Encore3

            Some notes I made for myself a long time ago...

            Creating a SIMPLE movie in Encore3

            Create or Open an NTSC Project (usual blank is E3 on F: Drive)

            FileImport As Timeline, and select AVI File(s)

            Drag a Menu to the Project Panel

            In the Monitor-Menu Panel, Right Click and CLEAR unused Buttons

            In Project Right Click Menu and set as First Play

            In Flowchart Drag AVI to the Menu, set End Action to Last Menu

            In Monitor-Menu Right Click and hold the new Menu Item 1 and Drag to a new Location, then Right Click and Rename

            In Build Window

            Change the ISOs Name via the Browse function

            Click the Check Project and fix any errors

            Last step is to actually build the ISO File

            Burn the ISO with http://www.imgburn.com/

            Even Empty the DVD-ROM says it uses 526k usual overhead
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              Mortimer IOU Level 2
              David --

              In PPro, pick the sequence timeline you want to make into a dvd, then

              File/Export/Export to Encore.

              You will get a new window. Pick direct burn without menus.
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                shooternz Level 6
                As Jerry says ; fast and simple.

                Tip: a good way to write PAL project to NTSC DVD ( like I have to do frequently).

                Export timeline as an avi and open it in an NTSC Project then FILE>EXPORT> ENCORE

                I guess you could import the project and do the same.
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                  If you're afraid to export/utilize Encore...

                  Pegasus makes a nice DVD authoring suite -- which (ack, don't laugh) actually will encode an MPEG-1 to a DVD format. (Saves time on the export if it's just to test playback).

                  You can download free software/trial versions on their website...forget the actual web addy, but you can get there via a redirect at www.tmpgenc.com

                  It's really as simply as exporting an MPEG-1 (Or multi-plexed MPEG-2) and pulling it into the program, build yourself a simple menu, save it, and burn it. Done. Less hassle and overhead (In my opinion) than encore.
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                    Phil Griffith Level 2
                    don't be afraid....Don't know why anyone would be. Encore is a very good dvd authoring and easy to use.