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    time remap trouble in HD-->SD project

      I am working in a SD preset using 1440x1080 HDV source material. I have had excellent results using Adobe Media Encoder 2VBR @ 8MB target rate, as long as I remember to reverse the field order on each clip and output using upper fields first.

      Here is the problem, I jsut created a 3 minute video using HD sources - same as described above - but this time I've used quite a lot of time remapping. Each clip is remapped to 90%, with a few slipping down to 30%. Now, high areas of motion that normally come out nicely without the time remap are very jerky when output on SD DVD.

      I have reversed the dominant field order as before, but now I've also tried interlacing consecutive frames, or deinterlacing, and cant seem to get rid of the jerky motion.

      Has anyone seen/solved this?


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          Jim_Simon Level 8
          I don't work with HD material, but as a general rule, it's best to edit in a full resolution preset matching your media and then change the resolution upon export. One reason is because any effects or transitions applied will match the preset, not your media.
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            Thanks Jim. I generally agree, but I do really enjoy the ability to pan and scan the video in a way that can mimick the most expensive fluid heads. I've found that the video quality looks the same when output goes to SD DVD (regardless of using HD or SD preset) and as long as I am not going out to bluray, the flexibility of recomposing the shots is great!

            I wanted to post that I solved my problem. I removed the 'reverse fied dominance' and the video plays very smoothly with really nice time remapping. It appears that Premiere auto reverses when time remapping, so I was effectively putting it back where it didnt belong.

            Hope this post is helpful to others.