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    still a problem in referencing main movie

    chopTheWood Level 1
      please refer to:

      I'm trying to select text in the text field on the right (part of the main movie) , then click on (for example) an in-line style on the movie on the movie (.swf loaded into a movie clip on _level0) on the left. The html tags should be inserted on either side of the selection. I'm using the Selection class.

      In the example given, I use
      "_root.main_txt.text = trimmedText;"
      to successfully add the <BODY10> tags at the beginning and end of the text field as soon as the .swf on the left is loaded. SO... it seems I am addressing the correct pathway. The problem seems to be in the Selection method that doesn't want to behave.
      Thanks, Chop

      Here is an example of the Selection class code I'm using :