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    Importing HDV footage - seems you don't want to use Premiere (?)

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      Hi everyone, and good morning.

      Well, after many great posts, and lots of help here, I think I realize something....

      If you own a camcorder that does HDV footage ( like my Canon H20 ), you must use something other than Premiere to import your original footage from the camcorder, if you wish to do any type of editing in Premiere later on.

      If I understand what you have all told me that is.

      For clarfication, last week, I imported my first HDV tape using Premiere, and the resulting file was a very high quality .mpeg file, however, it was not editable in Premiere at all. The audio and video were totally out of sync.

      So, I then re-captured the original video from the camera into Pinnacle Studio 11, and this resulted in 2 files, a video and audio file. ( .wav and a .m2v file ). These files import into Premiere very well, and the audio and video is perfectly in sync from beginning to end.

      With all this said, is there any point at all in keeping the original .mpeg file that I originally captured from the camcorder into Premiere ???

      At this point, I don't see any advantage to this, but thought I would ask. I've read numerous posts that .mpeg is just not great for editing, etc,etc, so perhaps I should just delete this file, and keep going the route I'm now using ( capturing the original camcorder footage with Pinnacle Studio 11 ) (?? )

      I also wonder, if one only owns Premiere, then what on earth do you do, if you have an HDV camcorder ? ( perhaps all of you that own one of these camcorders, capture the video footage from the camcorder, in a program other than Premiere ? )

      Thanks for any info you may wish to give,