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    Flash flv or Quicktime for web - What's best?

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      I have to produce a 10 minute video for a corporate website. Most users will connect via a LAN but some from home via broadband. I have the project completed and have output a minute via Media encoder to check quality / filesize of the options.

      After some experimenting, I am reckoning on around 700x400 and keeping filesize down to around 7MB per min or so - with audio at AAC 32K forQT or 96k MP3 for flv. Video Bitrate around 800 for flash or 600 for QT. Customer seems keen for flash but QT seems to win hands down for quality. Just looking for comments / suggestions - am I missing anything or hitting way off mark?
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          If it's for a corporate website you have the bonus of knowing the IT infrastructure, the available bandwidth and what video players are available on the corporate PCs. Where you start to hit a snag is allowing home users access and making sure that everyone has sufficient broadband bandwidth and the relevant player installed. Availability of players will go a long way to helping you make your decision.

          Can I ask which codec you are using for your QT export?

          Your resolution and bitrate does seem quite adequate, however if you're looking at around that 700x400 mark you may as well stick with full frame square pixel output, i.e. 768x576 for PAL or 720x540 for NTSC. Depending on the detail required for the output you can get away with a half resolution output, i.e. half each value mentioned above. At the same bit rate and running full frame rate you should have a nice quality file that will scale up well.
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            Oops - apologies I accidentally posted twice.
            Many thanks KingLeonard. All corporate PCs used (office or home) have QT and Flash players - but of course the big unknown is bandwidth availability for the home users. My plan is to put up a few test pages and ask their IT to test.
            I have been using the H264 codec. I didn't mention that the project is HDV 1440x1080i (PAL) which I guess changes your suggestions re size?
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              One other thing that has me tearing my hair out this morning: I cannot work out how to make the QT movie start playing as it progressively downloads - I must be missing something fundamental although have googled all morning. In the Media encoder the QT options allow me to make the movie streaming, autoplay, compressed header etc - I have tried them all - no luck

              I have also messed with the html in dreamweaver (starttime parameter etc) but every time I upload and test on web I get the big blue Q with no movie controls UNTIL it has fully downloaded. Any ideas? Thanks
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                Try saving as an avi and letting QT do the conversion.

                Save as a QT movie - use h.264 conversion and choose optimized for Streaming.

                That may do the trick.

                You might alos see if AME has those options.
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                  Thanks Tom but I don't have QT pro. Thinking it must be something in the encoded .mov file I tried re-encoding the mov with something else (procoder)to test - but still the same. I will try it from an avi though anyway. PP Media encoder has the options for streaming but checking it makes no difference