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    Turning video into still clips

      I would like to know if adobe premiere pro is capable of taking one of my video clips and turning the hole shoot into a bunch of seperated still clips if not can you suggest some software thanks.
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          Yes. You can export either a clip in the project panel or a sequence in the Timeline panel as a series of animated still images.

          Choose File > Export > Movie. Click Settings. Under File Type, you can choose from Windows Bitmap, Filmstrip, Animated GIF, GIF, TIFF and Targa.
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            I've always been able to export one frame...but...is it possible to export as jpeg or tiff (or any other still format) say every 30th frame for an entire clip. Awaiting enlightenment.
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              Well, I've never tried it, but Premiere lets you change the frame rate to 1 frame/second. That *may* work. (I just don't know if you're going to notice frame-blending in areas of motion.) If it does result in heavy frame-blending, you could... in theory... apply a Posterize Time effect at 1 frame/second before exporting, to negate the effects of frame-blending. (But this is all me hypothesizing, I'm not in front of my editing computer right now.)

              The easiest method is to export your range at the clip or project's framerate and then manually delete all but every 30th frame on your hard drive.