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    Encoding with noise reduction filter and processor utilisation, anyone from adobe can answer?

      Hi I have observed that when you select the noise reduction filter in Adobe Media encoder then my processor utilization is only about 50%. Sometime only 1 core is near 90% while the other only about 10%. The encoding is becoming very slow with 20 min of material requires about 18 hours. When I deselect this filter then both core utilization reach around 99%. Any idea why?

      I think if it make the utilization reach around 99% then it will halved the time needed to encode. Is this a bug?

      What should I do to replicate this noise reduction filter using standard filter in the time line?

      Thanks for any help.

      Edit: I have another thread that asked about why this filter so slow and about encoding speed/CPU utilization. But I have narrowed down that it is related (use this filter, CPU utilization only about 50% hence the encoding speed really suffer). So I post this new thread.