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    editing project within project.

      Our currently workflow goes like this.


      Capture HDV from VTR.
      Create new sequence for Shot1(Scene99).
      Place all takes of Shot1 in sequence.
      Import external sound captured with Digital Field Recorder.
      Place sound track on sequence for Shot1 and aline.

      Do the same with Shot2(Scene99).

      Create new sequence for Scene99
      Place edited sequence of Shot1 and Shot2 in sequence Scene99

      That gets us to having an edited Scene99.

      Let's say we also do the same for a scene named Scene100. We then create a new project that is title "MOVIETITLE" that the scenes will be apart of.

      Import the projects Scene99 and Scene100.
      Create sequence MOVIE and place sequence Scene99 (from project Scene99) and sequence Scene100 (from project Scene100) to create the movie.

      The problem I have seen is this. If I need to edit Scene99 a little, I go back to the project Scene99 and edit. These edits are not reflected in the sequence MOVIE. Is there anyway to refresh the projects loaded into project MOVIETITLE or do I have to re-import project Scene99 after every edit of said project?