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    I can't even get my movies to play

      I'm trying to export a movie but after the movie comes out Windows Media Player won't play it. I'm pretty green with Premiere and making movies/clips. I know that to play movies WMP needs to have the same codec that you used to compress the movie. The thing is I just want a reliable one that I know will play on other peoples computers without them having to search around. I'm looking for the jpg of movie clips!

      I've tried exporting using both the Movie and Adobe Encoder options. The Adobe Encoder seems the easy but I haven't had any success with them playing in WMP, why? I thought the point of the Adobe Encoder was that it basically chooses the options for you that work.

      Format: Windows Media
      Range: Entire Sequence
      Presets: I've tried NTSC Source to Download 256Kbps and PAL Source to Download 256Kbps

      NTSC Source to Download 256Kbps was the first one it defaulted too. That’s why I tried it.

      Video Codec: Windows Media Video 9 and I've tried V7

      If you could help me I would greatly appreciate it!