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    Add a Monitor. How and which graphics card?

      I have just bought the Premiere CS3 upgrade and have startet working with it. I was wondering how it would be possible to connect my Sony Bravia or Pioneer plasma (both HD ready) in order to preview the editing. I am an amateur who cannot find the support from the wife to spend $$$ on Matrox RT.X2 (or similar) to satisfy a hobby. But a purchase of a new graphics card could go unnoticed. ;-)

      I am under the impression there are graphics cards out there where an adapter can be bought to convert the DVI -> HDMI, so I can view on monitors mentioned above. Is this correct?

      Apparently, colour reproduction will not be as good as with RT.X2 (the proper gear) but that is really not an option for me.

      (According to the manual pg228 it is also an option to output back to the camera which in turn is connected to the TV. Does not work on Mac OS in HDV mode)

      Any suggestions or pointers in the right direction greatly appreciated.

      (XP sp2, HDV mode, ASUS P5WD2, 2GB DDR2, Pentium 4 660 3.6Ghz, Sony HDR-HC7)