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    Lower Third Artifacts

      Lower Third Artifacts

      Ive worked in the DV25 compression space for years, so Im used to small, negligible artifacts that show up when inserting graphics from Photoshop. Lately however, these minor defects seem to be growing in size and frequency. With Premiere CS3, the text in my lower thirds, (created in Photoshop) are surrounded by what appears to be compression artifacts.

      If you have ever saved an image for the web in Photoshop, and you applied a ridiculous amount of compression, you will know the kind of look I am referring to. Ive been a Premiere user for years and have never known this issue to be so predominant. I create all my thirds in a DV25 (.9 pixel) work space and my imported files match my frame 100%.

      Im wondering if anyone else has experienced this problem and if you have found a solution.

      Thanks in advance.