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    New to Aspect HD

      I finally upgraded to Aspect HD 5.2, after realizing that I can use it on multiple systems as long as I have access to the internet to activate/deactivate the plugin... Also, the fact that it now exports to .m2t was a selling point. Also, I got it for $100 less by using a Canon discount code that I found online (no, I didn't buy the Canon HDV camera...) I have had a Sony HVR-Z1U and an HDR-FX1 since their release (I'm an early-adopter)

      I have noticed some changes in the timeline. When I play the video at full speed, it looks washed out - probably from the source being a bit washed-out. When it is paused, it looks darker - i.e. more contrast, etc. Is this some sort of auto-contrast built-in to the Cineform codec? It definitely looks better. My question is this - will the output look like this or revert back to the washed out looking video if I simply export to DVD, etc? Or do I have to do something to get it to stick like this?

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          Andy Urtu Level 1
          Are you using a nVida Card? This is a known issue with the nVida drivers. Your video will be fine on output. This is about YUV to RGB conversion. Check out the cineform site and Forum.
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            Yes, an NVidia Gforce 7300 SE. Truth be told, it looks BETTER when sitting in the timeline and reverts back to the "real" washed out video. You are saying on esxport it will look normal, i.e. NOT darker like it does on monitor when not playing?

            I will look into this at Cineform. Any direct links?

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              Andy Urtu Level 1
              Yes, it will be fine. Do a simple export to DVD and view it on a TV.
              There are MANY settings to setting up your Nvida Drivers. You can change the the preview looks in Premiere, the way the video looks in Windows Media player etc.

              Upgrade to the latest drivers and experiement with the RGB Gamma settings to adjust what the video looks like in WinMedia Player.

              Here is a brief link.