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    What to charge to shoot & edit in HD vs SD.

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      Hi all,

      I just received an inquiry from a company about producing some industrial as well as corporate marketing material in HD.

      I currently shoot and edit in SD using the Sony DSR-300 and Premiere CS3. I'd like to pursue the inquiry with a quote but i'm unsure as to what to charge.

      I'd like your opinions how much is generally charged to produce a typical video in HD as opposed to SD. I know there are many variables, but a ballpark percentage and/or examples would be appreciated.

      I know i'll have to rent an HDV or HD camera and playback deck. I'll also have to upgrade my aging system to be able to capture and edit the HD or HDV footage without problems. Also, i think it would be best to go tape based since the tapeless cameras require expensive memory sticks and additional equipment to off load footage.

      Hardware wise, my idea is as follows:
      - Either the Canon H1 w/ tape, PMW-EX1 or AG-HVX200 w/ pc for capture & storage

      - The Supermicro 7045A-WTB barebone tower
      - Harpertown E5450 or E5472 quad-core processor or the new intel Penryn family of processors that support the new SSE4.1 instructions
      - 4 gbs of ram
      - a 4 drive sata II raid 0 video array with hardware controller
      - separate sata II drives for system, storage and audio
      - blueray dvd burner
      - aja xena LHe HD SDI capture card
      - cineform Prospect HD
      - Nvida Quadro FX video card
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          I think if you're going to be renting the camera, don't write off solid state recording. The cards do require some investment - if you're buying. But you're not buying, so just make sure the rental house includes enough of them (or a way to offload them) with your camera.

          As for what to charge? At a minimum, your price increase needs to cover the cost of the rentals. Beyond that, you should guesstimate how many other HD projects you can expect in the near future, and figure out some way to include the cost of the upgraded editing system spread over those future projects. Meaning if you can expect 10 more HD projects in the next year, divide the cost of the new system by ten and include that as a part of the price increase.
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            Thanks Jim,

            Passing on the rental cost was a given. But in general do you charge more to shoot in HD as opposed to SD?
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              I'll let you know when I start. Right now, no one makes a proper HD camera that I can afford.

              (To my mind, ALL video cameras should have full resolution imaging devices, and full raster frame independent recording. All current HD cameras under $10,000 goof on at least one of those necessary basics, most goof on both. And I can't afford $50,000 for the camera that gets them both right.)
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                I charge $75/hour to edit SD DV footage and $100/hour for HDV. I am getting ready to build a system capable of editing true HD and plan on charging $150/hour for that.

                On my shoots, I charge a day rate for a cam op and the gear is a la carte. For example, I rent the HDV cameras for $350/day whereas the true HD cameras (Sony 900/3 or 900/R) go for between $1500-2000/day and requires a better tripod, etc. I think it is feasible to charge $100/day more for a camop with HD camera experience...

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                  thanks for your input.

                  I currently charge 100/hr to shoot with one operator and DSR-300 SD DV camera as well as half and full day rates. More if they require lights and backdrops.

                  I currently charge 75 to edit but will increase to 100 shortly.